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Shipping and Handling


We aim to have all items listed in this catalog in stock in the quantities and sizes listed.  We can only undertake to despatch an order on a particular date.  The date of delivery at the customer's address is subject to the normal variations of the deliver service used.

Method of shipment

UPS or FedEx - in your hands within 48 hours of shipment


Orders for standard catalog items will normally be shipped within 48 hours of receipt.

Restricted Articles

Some of the items in this catalog are subject to transport restrictions.  This should be considered if the item is to be onward shipped.


If we have notified you of despatch of goods and you have not received delivery within 5 working days, please contact us.


All consignments will be insured by us against the usual risk unless we are instructed in writing to the contrary.

Materials Handling

Many of our materials are extremely delicate and it is essential every care is taken when handling them.  Special attention is drawn to the extreme fragility of Microfoil, Microleaf and thinner and finer materials.

All materials are carefully packed to ensure safe transportation of the goods to your address. We do not accept responsibility for damage caused by mishandling once the outer transit packaging has been removed.