Thin is In  

Polymer Films & Metal Foils
available from Goodfellow in research quantities

Goodfellow offers hundreds of polymer films and more than a thousand metal foils in small quantities, many available for immediate shipment anywhere in the world.

To learn more, go to the Goodfellow website, email, or click on a pdf file below to see product details and pricing for Goodfellow’s range of standard …

Polymer films - 832 kB
as thin as 0.0005 mm  
Metallized polymer films - 587 kB
as thin as 0.002 mm

Metal foils - 1,828 kB
ranging from 0.0005 mm 2.0 mm thin

Microleaf - 574 kB
ultra-thin (0.01 µm – 1.0 µm) metal foil mounted on a removable support

Microfoil - 692 kB
ultra-thin (0.25 µm – 1.0 µm) metal foil mounted on a permanent support

In addition to films and foils, Goodfellow can supply other forms of polymers and metals as well as ceramics, composites, compounds and intermetallics.



For more information, see the comprehensive Goodfellow
catalog at, email,
or call 1-800-821-2870.

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