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Carbon - Foil Last updated
July 30 2021
C C 000350

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Thickness : 5.0mm
Purity : 99.5%
Condition : Rigid Graphite
Grain size : Medium
Carbon foils are stocked in five basic forms: <B>Pyrolitic graphite </B>- a strongly anisotropic, high density, high purity material manufactured by Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD). It is non porous and self lubricating, lightweight and shows excellent thermal shock resistance. It can be easily machined with normal metalworking tools. <B>Flexible graphite</B> - an exfoliated material which is mechanically bonded to form thin, flexible sheet. It is commonly used as a gasket material for corrosive or high temperature service (up to 600C in air, 2500C in an inert atmosphere). <B>Rigid graphite sheet </B>- a rigid form of graphite. The exceptional corrosion resistance and high temperature properties of graphite make this material suitable for applications as diverse as heat exchanger blocks for chemical process plant and arc furnace electrodes used in steel manufacture. <B>Highly Oriented Pyrolytic Graphite (HOPG) </B>- a highly oriented form of high purity pyrolytic graphite which
diffracts x-rays and neutrons with greater efficiency than any other material. <B>Vitreous or Glassy Carbon </B>- is available under a separate heading. This material has high flexural strength with zero open porosity and, hence, a low permeability to gases
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Order Code Size 1 pc 2 pcs 5 pcs 10 pcs
424-912-91 50x50 mm USD 256.00 USD 307.00 USD 429.00 USD 608.00
114-124-70 100x100 mm USD 329.00 USD 410.00 USD 741.00  
265-595-13 150x150 mm USD 401.00 USD 631.00    
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Technical Data for     Carbon       Foil
Typical Analysis : (ppm) 0.5% Ash comprising 0.25% Iron oxide Remainder includes oxide, Silica and Aluminium.
  Thickness:   <0.010mm   ±25%
    0.01-0.05mm   ±15%
    >0.050mm   ±10%
  Size (linear dimension):   <100mm   ±1mm
    ≥100mm   +2% / -1%

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