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Zirconium - Lump Last updated
July 23 2021
Zr ZR006152

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Max. Lump size : 7mm
Purity : 99.2%
Condition : Pellets - Nominally 3mm Diameter x 6.5mm Length
Condition : Hafnium > 0.2%
Highly flammable - Click here for further details   
The purity listed includes the Hafnium content. Do NOT expose to concentrated Sulfuric Acid containing ferric or cupric ions, or to mixtures of hydrochloric & nitric acids, or to ferric chloride, or to copper chloride solutions as a pyrophoric film may be produced. Treating in hot air or steam for 20 to 60 minutes @ 250C can eliminate the pyrophoric film.
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Order Code Weight 1 Pot
766-665-62 10 g USD 245.00
969-948-49 20 g USD 290.00
451-317-34 40 g USD 358.00
894-331-75 80 g USD 442.00
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Technical Data for     Zirconium       Lump
Typical Analysis : (ppm) C 250, Hf 2500, Fe 200, Cr 200, N 100, O 1000, H 10.
  Dimensions shown are nominal    

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