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Aluminum - Honeycomb Last updated
July 30 2021
Al AL002695

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Thickness : 52.3mm
Cell size : 6.3mm
Cell Wall : 0.064mm
Core density :
Adhesive : Phenolic
Facing Skin : Glass Fiber 0.75mm
The Aluminum alloy 5052 foil is chemically treated, node bonded and expanded to form a low density material used principally as a shear-carrying-core in lightweight sandwich constructions. We stock both honeycomb core and skinned lightweight sandwich panels made using some of these cores. The typical properties of the honeycomb cores stocked which are all made from 5052 Aluminum alloy are shown in the data table. Other densities, cell sizes and core and foil thicknesses available on request.
Flat, ready-made honeycomb sandwich panels. Aluminum core with glass fibre reinforced polymer skins - Aerolam F-board® or equivalent. Thickness includes facing skin. Please ask for a datasheet of the properties of this item.
If the item shown is not exactly what you require please let us know by sending us a message
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034-672-02 300x300 mm USD 392.00 USD 583.00
334-002-24 600x600 mm USD 878.00  
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