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Carbon - Diamond - Film Last updated
July 30 2021
C DI001065

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Thickness : 0.002mm
Condition : Ultrananocrystalline Diamond (UNCD)
Grade : AQUA 40
Substrate : Silicon
Polycrystalline diamond film is prepared by a chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process, the diamond film being supported on a suitable substrate of a given orientation - generally a high purity silicon wafer is used. Alternatively, depending upon the thickness of the film, it can be free standing. Generally, the surface finish of the material is "as deposited", although the material can be supplied lapped or polished, at extra cost. The thermal conductivity, grain size, transparency and surface roughness depend upon the thickness of the CVD polycrystalline diamond film. For prices or for a quotation for other diamond films please fax your requirements to our Technical Service department who will be pleased to help you.
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Order Code Size 1 pc
147-619-64 25x25 mm POA
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Technical Data for     Carbon - Diamond       Film
  Thickness:   ±20%  
  Size (linear dimension):   <100mm   ±1mm
    ≥100mm   +2% / -1%

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