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Resumen del producto Polipropileno (PP)

A relatively tough semi-crystalline polyolefin with similar properties to those of high density polyethylene. However, Polipropileno (PP) is available as either a fairly rigid and marginally more brittle homopolymer or as the more flexible and impact resistant copolymer. It is used in a variety of packaging applications as well as household containers and in many automotive applications. It is also widely used as a fibre material, being utilised in carpets for hard wearing areas, such as those found around swimming pools and miniature golf courses. More recent developments have seen it used in honeycomb panels and as both matrix and fibres in composites.

Characteristics of Polipropileno (PP) include:

  • Low density
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Tough
  • Suitable for contact with food
  • Better thermal properties compared to polyethylenes

Formatos y disponibilidad del producto Polipropileno (PP)

A continuación encontrará una lista de dimensiones de nuestros productos estándar.  Por supuesto, estamos en condiciones de suministrar dimensiones alternativas en la mayoría de los casos. 


Diámetro: 8 - 150mm

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Espesor: 1 - 25mm

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Espesor: 0,03 - 0,55mm

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