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Resumen del producto Polietileno de peso molecular ultra alto (UHMWPE)

This polymer as its names suggests is the highest molecular weight PE, with molecular chain lengths measured in the millions. This very high molecular weight material is processed similarly to ceramics in some ways, notably using powder sintering techniques.  However, as this material is much softer than any ceramic material, films can be produced by a technique known as ‘skiving’ where a very sharp blade is used to simply peel the film off of a rotating rod.

It is somewhat similar in many respects to PTFE, although it is not able to withstand the same high operating temperature nor does it exhibit the same chemical resistance. However, it does not suffer the problem of creep (cold flow) at room temperature that plagues the expensive flouropolymer.

Characteristics of Polietileno de peso molecular ultra alto (UHMWPE) include:

  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Superb chemical resistance
  • Low density
  • Superb impact resistance

Formatos y disponibilidad del producto Polietileno de peso molecular ultra alto (UHMWPE)

A continuación encontrará una lista de dimensiones de nuestros productos estándar.  Por supuesto, estamos en condiciones de suministrar dimensiones alternativas en la mayoría de los casos. 


Diámetro: 6,35 - 152,4mm

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Espesor: 1,2 - 25mm

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Espesor: 0,075 - 0,5mm

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