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Aleación con memoria de forma magnética hoja de datos

Goodfellow is delighted to announce the addition of an exciting new product to our range – Magnetic Shape Memory Material. This patented NiMnGa single crystal material has some extremely innovative properties:



NiMnGa single Crystal

Elongation in Magnetic Field

Up to 6%, typically 3 to 5%


Up to 1 to 2 kHz

Force Density

About 2 MPa

Work Output (force x stroke)

Max 100 kJ/m3

Fatigue Life

Several hundred million cycles

Magnetic Field


Upper Temperature Limit

Transformation martensite to austenite 70°C

Curie Temperature


Fast Response to Control Signal

Magnetic field/strain

The strain developed depends on surface treatment. The following graph can be considered as an example.

Magnetisation when pressed/elongated

Comparison with other materials




Energy Density

Magnetic Shape Memory Material


<2 kHz

<100 kJm-3

(Thermal) Shape Memory Alloy


< 3 Hz

10,000 kJm-3

Magnetostrictive Materials

0.14 – 0.2%

100s kHz

14 – 30 kJm-3

Piezo Materials

0.04 – 0.07%

100s kHz

0.8 – 2.0 kJm-3

Please click here for an introduction and applications. Alternatively, if you would like to know more about this material, please send us an e-mail or telephone us using the numbers on our contact page.

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