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Product Summary of Polyoxymethylene Acetal Copolymer & Homopolymer (POM)

This highly crystalline engineering thermoplastic with a good balance of physical, chemical and electrical properties, was first discovered in the 1920s. However, it took around 30 more years before a commercially viable product was first patented. Both the acetal copolymer and homopolymer are easily machined into a variety of components which include gears, bearings, wheels, guitar picks, etc.

Characteristics of Polyoxymethylene Acetal Copolymer & Homopolymer (POM) include:

  • Chemically resistant
  • Very low water absorption
  • Resistant to hydrolysis by base
  • Suitable for contact with food

Forms and Availability of Polyoxymethylene Acetal Copolymer & Homopolymer (POM)

Please find below a list of our standard stock dimensions. Of course, we are very often able to supply alternative dimensions.


Diameter: 5 - 150mm

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Thickness: 1 - 12mm

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What quantities are listed in our on-line catalog?

For large quantities, please request a quote using the links above. For small quantities with rapid delivery, please consult the following catalog pages:

Polyoxymethylene Acetal Copolymer (POMC)

Polyoxymethylene Acetal Homopolymer (POMH)