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Regular aluminum foam

Goodfellow is delighted to announce the addition of an exciting new product to our range – regular aluminum foam.

So what is this “regular” foam?

Unlike the foams we have had in our catalog for several years, which are a permeable structure of cells and continuous ligaments in an approximately consistent density, but random orientation, this new foam is made up of cells defined as regular tetrakaidecahedrons (polygons with 14 faces – 8 hexagonal and 6 square).

Animation showing the regular structure of this foam

Prototyping to industrialization

Prototyping can be accomplished using standard pieces as stocked by Goodfellow, but for production pieces, the final shape can be molded, reducing costs and eliminating the need for machining.





Aluminum 99.5%  (aluminum alloys on request)

Standard catalog size

40mm x 100mm x 172mm  (other sizes on request)

Standard cladding

Aluminum, one side

Cladding size

4mm x 100mm x 172mm

Standard cell size


Other available cell sizes

14mm or on request

Foam topology

Kelvin Cells, open regular pores



Nominal Density  (unclad foam)

0.41 g/cm3

Relative surface area

360 m2/m3

Maximum service temperature


Melting point



Impact absorption

For impact absorption, the advantage of this regular, reproducible aluminum foam product is that it can be designed with the end use in mind, making it possible to optimize the exact structure necessary to absorb the energy from an impact based on a specific application. 

Single piece cast crumple zone

Heat exchange

It is in heat exchange that this metal foam potentially has the most promise: its high porosity (80-90%) and its very high relative surface area of up to 500 m2/m3 facilitate the movement of fluids and the recovery of heat, even at low speeds.

Heat Exchanger

Please click here for standard catalog item prices. Alternatively, if you would like to know more about this material, please send us an e-mail or telephone us using the numbers on our contact page.

A pdf technical datasheet is available for download here.