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SHAPALTM-M soft A machinable ceramic
now available from Goodfellow
Shapal TM-M datasheet soft
Shapal TM-M datasheet soft
Download datasheet Shapal TM-M datasheet soft
Shapal TM-M soft
Shapal TM-M soft
SHAPALTM-M soft is a machinable ceramic with high mechanical strength and thermal conductivity that is five times greater than alumina.

SHAPALTM-M soft displays unique characteristics:

• Excellent machinability
• Excellent ability to seal under vacuum
• High thermal conductivity
• High mechanical strength
• Good electrical insulation
• Zero porosity

The ceramic is suitable for a wide range of applications, particularly in the vacuum and nuclear industries. SHAPALTM-M soft also finds application in heat sinks, electronically insulating components for the high-power electronic industry, and crucibles for vacuum deposition.

SHAPALTM-M soft is available as machinable rods and plates in a range of sizes, as well as finished machined components.

For more information about SHAPALTM-M soft, please download the SHAPALTM-M soft datasheet.

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