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Ultra-High-Purity Precious Metals
in Small Quantities from Goodfellow
Goodfellow offers ultra-high-purity precious metals in a wide range of forms, including rod, foil, wire, tube, mesh, sputtering target, powder, lump and single crystal.*

For details of our standard products, download a mini-catalog from the adjacent listing or view the comprehensive Goodfellow catalog at

For information about non-standard or special products to meet a specific requirement, contact your local Goodfellow office or email

Applications for precious metals are wide-ranging and include their use in the fields of medicine and electronics as well as for catalysts, solar cells, crucibles, mirrors and optics. If you would like to discuss your particular requirement, please contact one of our Technical Specialists.

In addition to pure metals, Goodfellow can also supply standard and custom-made alloys, ceramics, polymers, composites, compounds and intermetallics. For more information, please contact us or view our online catalog.

* Not all metals are available in all forms.
Download a mini-catalog
Download a mini-catalog to find forms, dimensions and pricing, typical analysis, and atomic, physical, electrical, thermal and mechanical properties
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