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Extensive range of TPX
Polymethylpentene (PMP) products
now available from Goodfellow
TPX datasheet
TPX datasheet
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As a result of a distribution agreement recently signed with Mitsui & Co. Europe, Goodfellow is now not only able to supply TPX as film, sheet and rod, but can also supply small to medium size quantities of this lightweight, functional polymer as granule.

TPX displays a unique combination of physical properties and characteristics that make it suitable for applications including release films, LED molds and sterilization cases. However, its properties are such that there are likely to be many more applications for this material that have not yet been considered.

For more information about TPX, please download the TPX datasheet. For details about our range of standard TPX products, please consult our online catalog at or download a TPX catalog.

If you have any requirements for TPX or wish to know more about this innovative material, please contact .