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Metals & Materials
Product Directory & Reference

The complimentary 2010-11 Goodfellow Product Directory & Reference contains a wealth of information in one convenient location.

  • Find thousands of items – metals, ceramics, polymers, compounds, etc. – in dozens of forms and in small quantities

  • Compare properties of materials using the directory’s comprehensive data tables for metals, ceramics and polymers

  • Access current pricing for specific items of interest by referencing the online Goodfellow Catalog at

To request your free directory by email, click here.
To request the directory by phone, call 1-800-821-2870.

Goodfellow serves the research, development and prototyping markets by offering small quantities of material from a stock of over 70,000 catalog items available for shipment in under 48 hours.

Goodfellow Corporation  •  305 High Tech Drive  •  Oakdale, PA 15071

metals • ceramics • polymers • compounds • intermetallics
composites • custom fabrication and finishing