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Zinc ( Zn ) - Foil   -   Material Information

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We stock and supply the following standard forms:
Foam Foil Lump Powder Rod Single Crystal Sputtering Target Wire
Foam Foil Lump Powder Rod Single Crystal Sputtering Target Wire
General Description:  

Zinc was known to the Greeks and Romans as a constituent of the copper alloy, brass, but metallic zinc was not discovered until the 16th. century by Paracelcus.

Zinc is a brittle metal which has a blue cast. It is readily accessible as it occurs in concentrated ores from which it is easily extracted (it has an abundance of 75 ppm in the earth's crust). Extraction is achieved by heating the oxide with carbon and distilling out the metal. Zinc tarnishes in air and reacts with acids and alkalis.

Zinc is used widely throughout industry; for example, it is used as a galvanic coating on steel to prevent corrosion, and is used as a constituent of various alloy systems (e.g. with copper in brass), as well as in zinc-base alloys which can be used for diecasting (the other alloy constituents are aluminum, copper and magnesium). Pure zinc is used as an electrode in a Daniell cell and also in dry batteries. Zinc oxide is used as a stabiliser for certain grades of rubbers and plastics, as well as a non-toxic, white pigment used in paint manufacture. Zinc oxide also has astringent and soothing qualities and is used as a constituent of creams and ointments.



Technical Data for   Zinc

Zinc Foil - Standard Products   Click here to display prices
ZN000060Zinc Foil,    
Thickness:0.001mm,    Purity:99.9%,    
ZN000080Zinc Foil,    
Thickness:0.0025mm,    Purity:99.9%,    
ZN000110Zinc Foil,    
Thickness:0.005mm,    Purity:99.9%,    
ZN000160Zinc Foil,    
Thickness:0.01mm,    Purity:99.9%,    
ZN000180Zinc Foil,    
Thickness:0.015mm,    Purity:99.9%,    
ZN000190Zinc Foil,    
Thickness:0.02mm,    Purity:99.9%,    
ZN000220Zinc Foil,    
Thickness:0.025mm,    Purity:99.95+%,    Temper:As rolled,    
ZN000225Zinc Foil,    
Thickness:0.025mm,    High Purity:99.99+%,    Temper:As rolled,    
ZN000230Zinc Foil,    
Thickness:0.05mm,    Purity:99.95+%,    Temper:As rolled,    
ZN000235Zinc Foil,    
Thickness:0.05mm,    High Purity:99.99+%,    Temper:As rolled,    
ZN000240Zinc Foil,    
Thickness:0.075mm,    Purity:99.95+%,    Temper:As rolled,    
ZN000250Zinc Foil,    
Thickness:0.1mm,    Purity:99.95+%,    Temper:As rolled,    
ZN000270Zinc Foil,    
Thickness:0.125mm,    Purity:99.95+%,    Temper:As rolled,    
ZN000275Zinc Foil,    
Thickness:0.125mm,    High Purity:99.99+%,    Temper:As rolled,    
ZN000280Zinc Foil,    
Thickness:0.15mm,    Purity:99.95+%,    Temper:As rolled,    
ZN000290Zinc Foil,    
Thickness:0.175mm,    Purity:99.95+%,    Temper:As rolled,    
ZN000295Zinc Foil,    
Thickness:0.20mm,    Purity:99.95+%,    Temper:As rolled,    
ZN000301Zinc Foil,    
Thickness:0.25mm,    Purity:99.95+%,    Temper:As rolled,    
ZN000305Zinc Foil,    
Thickness:0.25mm,    High Purity:99.99+%,    Temper:As rolled,    
ZN000308Zinc Foil,    
Thickness:0.35mm,    Purity:99.95+%,    Temper:As rolled,    
ZN000311Zinc Foil,    
Thickness:0.5mm,    Purity:99.7%,    Temper:As rolled,    
ZN000312Zinc Foil,    
Thickness:0.5mm,    Purity:99.95+%,    Temper:As rolled,    
ZN000315Zinc Foil,    
Thickness:0.5mm,    High Purity:99.99+%,    Temper:As rolled,    
ZN000318Zinc Foil,    
Thickness:1.0mm,    Purity:99.7%,    Temper:As rolled,    
ZN000322Zinc Foil,    
Thickness:1.0mm,    Purity:99.95+%,    Temper:As rolled,    
ZN000325Zinc Foil,    
Thickness:1.0mm,    High Purity:99.99+%,    Temper:As rolled,    
ZN000350Zinc Foil,    
Thickness:1.5mm,    Purity:99.95+%,    Temper:As rolled,    
ZN000370Zinc Foil,    
Thickness:2.0mm,    Purity:99.95+%,    Temper:As rolled,    
ZN000375Zinc Foil,    
Thickness:3mm,    Purity:99.99+%,    Temper:As rolled,    
ZN000380Zinc Foil,    
Thickness:6mm,    High Purity:99.99+%,    Temper:As rolled,    
ZN000381Zinc Foil,    
Thickness:6mm,    High Purity:99.99+%,    Temper:As rolled,    Condition:Polished on both sides,    
Zinc Foil - Standard Products   Click here to display prices
We stock and supply the following standard forms:
Foam Foil Lump Powder Rod Single Crystal Sputtering Target Wire
Foam Foil Lump Powder Rod Single Crystal Sputtering Target Wire