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Titanium ( Ti ) - Foil   -   Material Information

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We stock and supply the following standard forms:
Bar Foil Lump Mesh Microfoil Powder Rod Sheet Sphere
Bar Foil Lump Mesh Microfoil Powder Rod Sheet Sphere
Sputtering Target Tube Wire
Sputtering Target Tube Wire
General Description:  

Titanium was discovered by Rev. William Gregor in 1791 in Creed, Cornwall, England and, independently, by M.H. Klaproth in 1795 in Berlin, Germany.

Titanium is a hard, lustrous, silvery metal which is obtained by magnesium or calcium reduction of the tetrachloride. It is a relatively abundant element, there being 5600 ppm in the earth's crust. It forms a protective oxide coating and, hence, resists corrosion, although powdered metal burns in air. Titanium tends to be inert at low temperatures but will combine with a variety of reagents at elevated temperatures.

Titanium and its alloys are characterized by their lightness, strength and corrosion resistance and are used widely in aerospace applications. In addition, these properties also make the material suitable for medical applications (e.g. replacement hip joints). Titanium dioxide, TiO2 is used as a white pigment in paints and plastics as it provides great opacity. The same material is also used in the manufacture of heat resisting and durable glass, the TiO2 replacing certain proportions of the soda. Titanium carbide is used to manufacture cemented carbides.



Technical Data for   Titanium

Titanium Foil - Standard Products   Click here to display prices
TI000090Titanium Foil,    
Thickness:0.002mm,    Purity:99.6+%,    
TI000100Titanium Foil,    
Thickness:0.0025mm,    Purity:99.6+%,    
TI000110Titanium Foil,    
Thickness:0.003mm,    Purity:99.6+%,    
TI000121Titanium Foil,    
Thickness:0.004mm,    Purity:99.6+%,    
TI000140Titanium Foil,    
Thickness:0.006mm,    Purity:99.6+%,    
TI000150Titanium Foil,    
Thickness:0.007mm,    Purity:99.6+%,    
TI000160Titanium Foil,    
Thickness:0.008mm,    Purity:99.6+%,    
TI000170Titanium Foil,    
Thickness:0.009mm,    Purity:99.6+%,    
TI000205Titanium Foil,    
Thickness:0.001mm,    High Purity:99.99+%,    Temper:As rolled,    
TI000206Titanium Foil,    
Thickness:0.002mm,    High Purity:99.99+%,    Temper:As rolled,    
TI000208Titanium Foil,    
Thickness:0.005mm,    High Purity:99.99+%,    Temper:As rolled,    
TI000210Titanium Foil,    
Thickness:0.005mm,    Purity:99.6+%,    
TI000211Titanium Foil,    
Thickness:0.008mm,    Coil width:104mm,    Purity:99.6+%,    
TI000212Titanium Foil,    
Thickness:0.01mm,    High Purity:99.99+%,    Temper:As rolled,    
TI000213Titanium Foil,    
Thickness:0.010mm,    Purity:99.6+%,    
TI000215Titanium Foil,    
Thickness:0.012mm,    Purity:99.6+%,    
TI000220Titanium Foil,    
Thickness:0.0125mm,    Purity:99.6+%,    Temper:Annealed,    
TI000230Titanium Foil,    
Thickness:0.015mm,    Purity:99.6+%,    
TI000251Titanium Foil,    
Thickness:0.02mm,    Purity:99.6+%,    
TI000290Titanium Foil,    
Thickness:0.025mm,    Purity:99.6+%,    Temper:Annealed,    
TI000295Titanium Foil,    
Thickness:0.025mm,    High Purity:99.99+%,    Temper:As rolled,    
TI000300Titanium Foil,    
Thickness:0.03mm,    Purity:99.6+%,    Temper:Annealed,    
TI000310Titanium Foil,    
Thickness:0.05mm,    Purity:99.6+%,    Temper:Annealed,    
TI000315Titanium Foil,    
Thickness:0.05mm,    High Purity:99.99+%,    Temper:As rolled,    
TI000350Titanium Foil,    
Thickness:0.075mm,    Purity:99.6+%,    Temper:Annealed,    
TI000351Titanium Foil,    
Thickness:0.075mm,    Purity:99.6+%,    Temper:Annealed,    Condition:Flattened,    
TI000370Titanium Foil,    
Thickness:0.1mm,    Purity:99.6+%,    Temper:Annealed,    
TI000371Titanium Foil,    
Thickness:0.10mm,    Purity:99.6+%,    Temper:Annealed,    Condition:Flattened,    
TI000380Titanium Foil,    
Thickness:0.125mm,    Purity:99.6+%,    Temper:Annealed,    
TI000382Titanium Foil,    
Thickness:0.140mm,    Purity:99.6+%,    Temper:Annealed,    
TI000385Titanium Foil,    
Thickness:0.125mm,    High Purity:99.99+%,    Temper:As rolled,    
TI000400Titanium Foil,    
Thickness:0.2mm,    Purity:99.6+%,    Temper:Annealed,    
TI000401Titanium Foil,    
Thickness:0.2mm,    Purity:99.6+%,    Temper:Annealed,    Condition:Flattened,    
TI000410Titanium Foil,    
Thickness:0.25mm,    Purity:99.6+%,    Temper:Annealed,    
TI000416Titanium Foil,    
Thickness:0.3mm,    Purity:99.6+%,    Temper:Annealed,    
TI000417Titanium Foil,    
Thickness:0.5mm,    Purity:99.6+%,    Temper:Annealed,    Condition:Polished on 1 side,    
TI000419Titanium Foil,    
Thickness:0.35mm,    Purity:99.6+%,    Temper:Annealed,    Condition:Platinized on both sides,    
TI000420Titanium Foil,    
Thickness:0.5mm,    Purity:99.6+%,    Temper:Annealed,    
TI000421Titanium Foil,    
Thickness:0.5mm,    Purity:99.6+%,    Surface treatment:Titanium Nitride coating 2-3 microns,    
TI000422Titanium Foil,    
Thickness:0.7mm,    Purity:99.6+%,    Temper:Annealed,    
TI000423Titanium Foil,    
Thickness:0.5mm,    Purity:99.6+%,    Condition:Ion Implanted,    
TI000425Titanium Foil,    
Thickness:0.5mm,    Purity:99.6+%,    Temper:Annealed,    Condition:Polished on both sides,    
TI000430Titanium Foil,    
Thickness:1.0mm,    Purity:99.6+%,    Temper:Annealed,    
TI000431Titanium Foil,    
Thickness:1.0mm,    Purity:99.6+%,    Surface treatment:Titanium Nitride coating 2-3 microns,    
TI000432Titanium Foil,    
Thickness:1.0mm,    High Purity:99.99+%,    Temper:As rolled,    
TI000433Titanium Foil,    
Thickness:1.0mm,    High Purity:99.999%,    Temper:As rolled,    
TI000436Titanium Foil,    
Thickness:1.20mm,    Purity:99.6+%,    Temper:Annealed,    
TI000437Titanium Foil,    
Thickness:1.5mm,    Purity:99.6+%,    Temper:Annealed,    
TI000440Titanium Foil,    
Thickness:2.0mm,    Purity:99.6+%,    Temper:Annealed,    
TI000441Titanium Foil,    
Thickness:2.0mm,    Purity:99.6+%,    Surface treatment:Titanium Nitride coating 2-3 microns,    
TI000460Titanium Foil,    
Thickness:3.0mm,    Purity:99.6+%,    Temper:Annealed,    
TI000500Titanium Foil,    
Thickness:3.2mm,    High Purity:99.99+%,    Temper:As rolled,    
Titanium Foil - Standard Products   Click here to display prices
We stock and supply the following standard forms:
Bar Foil Lump Mesh Microfoil Powder Rod Sheet Sphere
Bar Foil Lump Mesh Microfoil Powder Rod Sheet Sphere
Sputtering Target Tube Wire
Sputtering Target Tube Wire