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Polymethylmethacrylate ( PMMA, Acrylic ) - Sheet   -   Material Information

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We stock and supply the following standard forms:
Film Monofilament Powder Rod Sheet Sphere Tube
Film Monofilament Powder Rod Sheet Sphere Tube
Common Brand Names:
Diakon, Lucite, Oroglas, Perspex, Plexiglas
General Description:  

General Description : Often just called "acrylic" - though this really describes a large family of chemically related polymers - PMMA is an amorphous, transparent and colourless thermoplastic that is hard and stiff but brittle and notch-sensitive. It has good abrasion and UV resistance and excellent optical clarity but poor low temperature, fatigue and solvent resistances. Though flammable, it has low smoke emission.

General purpose grades can be extruded and injection moulded. Monomer casting (for a description, see Nylon 6) is also used to achieve much higher molecular weights - which are not melt processable because of their extremely high melt viscosity - with somewhat improved properties. The monomer cast items most commonly encountered are sheets and novelty displays in which e.g. insects or watch parts are embedded.

Thin films are normally made from impact modified grades, which incorporate a small proportion of elastomer(s), in order to improve their flexibility.

Applications include sinks, baths, displays, signs, glazing (especially aircraft), lenses and light covers. Cast sheet is also used for guards and the like.



Technical Data for   Polymethylmethacrylate

Polymethylmethacrylate Sheet - Standard Products   Click here to display prices
ME303001Polymethylmethacrylate Sheet,    
Thickness:0.38mm,    Condition:Impact modified,    
ME303003Polymethylmethacrylate Sheet,    
Thickness:0.75mm,    Condition:Impact modified,    
ME303004Polymethylmethacrylate Sheet,    
Thickness:0.7mm,    Grade:High purity,    Condition:Free from UV absorber,    
ME303005Polymethylmethacrylate Sheet,    
Thickness:0.25mm,    Condition:Impact modified,    
ME303006Polymethylmethacrylate Sheet,    
ME303007Polymethylmethacrylate Sheet,    
Thickness:0.5mm,    Color:Dark red / black,    Condition:IR transmitting,    
ME303010Polymethylmethacrylate Sheet,    
Thickness:1.1mm,    Tolerance:20 %,    
ME303013Polymethylmethacrylate Sheet,    
Thickness:1.2mm,    Grade:High purity,    Condition:Free from UV absorber,    
ME303016Polymethylmethacrylate Sheet,    
Thickness:0.175mm,    Condition:Impact modified,    Color:Clear,    Condition:Transparent,    
ME303017Polymethylmethacrylate Sheet,    
Thickness:1.0mm,    Color:Clear,    Condition:Cast,    
ME303018Polymethylmethacrylate Sheet,    
Thickness:1.3mm,    Color:Clear,    Condition:Cast,    
ME303019Polymethylmethacrylate Sheet,    
Thickness:1mm,    Color:Dark red / black,    Condition:IR transmitting,    
ME303020Polymethylmethacrylate Sheet,    
ME303021Polymethylmethacrylate Sheet,    
Thickness:2.0mm,    Grade:High purity,    Condition:Free from UV absorber,    
ME303026Polymethylmethacrylate Sheet,    
Thickness:2.7mm,    Grade:High purity,    Condition:Free from UV absorber,    
ME303030Polymethylmethacrylate Sheet,    
ME303031Polymethylmethacrylate Sheet,    
Thickness:3.0mm,    Grade:High purity,    Condition:Free from UV absorber,    
ME303032Polymethylmethacrylate Sheet,    
Thickness:3.0mm,    Condition:Cast,    Condition:Free from UV absorber,    
ME303050Polymethylmethacrylate Sheet,    
ME303052Polymethylmethacrylate Sheet,    
Thickness:5.0mm,    Condition:Cast,    Condition:Free from UV absorber,    
ME303055Polymethylmethacrylate Sheet,    
ME303100Polymethylmethacrylate Sheet,    
ME303120Polymethylmethacrylate Sheet,    
ME303250Polymethylmethacrylate Sheet,    
Polymethylmethacrylate Sheet - Standard Products   Click here to display prices
We stock and supply the following standard forms:
Film Monofilament Powder Rod Sheet Sphere Tube
Film Monofilament Powder Rod Sheet Sphere Tube